About Me

“If you’re not old enough to know, you’re young enough to learn.” No matter how old we are, we are all still learning and we all can learn from each other.

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Abacan. I am a young leader that enjoys expanding skills through experience and aims to empower others in the process. I believe a serving mindset is the core and foundation of a good leader. I also heavily believe that character building is the essence of an established and flourishing leadership. As a young leader breaking “introvert boundaries,” I want to emphasize how active serving and outreach in any role or situation cultivates leadership skills.

I am a Gold-blooded Californian in Nevada territory. Born in San Francisco, and growing up throughout the area of Stockton, Gilroy, and Monterey, where I lastly ended up in Reno, Nevada. In my “free time”, I relax by traveling, going outdoors, reading, listening to music, composing music, painting, doing graffiti art, writing, teaching myself something new either skillfully or creatively, being around friends, and “introverting.” Faith is what fuels the selfless ambition within. My dream is to live a simple life with adventure and do good for others in any form that comes in.

As a societal and cultural outlier, my goal is to actively encourage my peers and actively inspire a younger generation that wisdom comes from experience, “self-tuning”, applying, and having mentors speaking guidance into each other’s lives along the way. In addition to this objective, I want to reveal leadership qualities with an encouraging essence that will not puff up pride and entitlement, but will speak to the humility, virtue, and character within a growing leader.

Serve: Genuinely serving others

Build: Personal development

Lead: Leading with character

Live: Enjoying life in a healthy way

Serve. Build. Lead. Live.