Lead: Out of Humility

Humility is Louder than Bragging

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San Rafael Park- Reno, NV

Have you ever done hands-on labor and gardened? Prepare the soil, by weeding out the bad. Plant a few plants here and there. Cultivate them with fertilizer and ensure growth by regular watering. Uproot dead plants, something that is not functioning. Make sure pests do not kill your growth. You are responsible for your yard and garden. The same goes for leading. We prepare soil (build), but we have to make sure that what is flourishing (leading) out of our garden is not unhealthy junk, but healthy growth.

Nothing is more poisonous than arrogant pride and a place of entitlement that corrupts your thriving leadership. As you grow as a leader it is good to be confident in your skills, but never to the point where arrogance takes over like unhealthy, cocky weeds that choke the growth of healthy plants. When a person governs from a place of entitlement, this space is empty and short lived. It is a place of unfulfillment of meaning and objectifies leadership, making leadership lose its transformational value.

There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

When the masses scream out the same familiar noise, what makes an individual set apart from the rest? What makes a leader, not only relatable, but more respected?

Humility is like a breathe of relief in a world that constantly puffs up pride. The role of a narcissistic boss who belittles his employees has already been taken. What is different to individuals, what draws them in and appeals to them is a leader who encourages and empowers others. When individuals experience this in a leader, employees see themselves not apart of a hierarchy but respected and level ground. Individuals see value in this and as a leader you have the role of influencing with positive or negative impact on generations.

Even research agrees.

Humility is not to be used as a manipulation, power tool and there will be few that do not respond to it. Still be genuinely humble anyways, as individuals will recognize the difference between genuine humility and counterfeit humility. Individuals will recognize a strong leader.

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