Lead: Without Comparison but With Visual Sound

The Comparison Mindset is a Dead Sound

Have you ever observed how someone talks? Or even eavesdrop on another person or group’s conversation?  How did they talk? Was it all about them or about someone else? Did it make you lose a bit of hope for humanity or inspire you? Did it put life into you?


Lombard Street- San Francisco, CA

If you ever lived in a large city you understand that the city carries its own melody. Its own transforming growth.

Call it Visual Sound.  

In large cities, a city is always active. Always moving. Always thriving. Always communicating. If you look around you will see individuals constantly headed somewhere with their schedule in mind. If you listen closely you can hear melody of a city and the rhythm that it brings. A certain engine vibration of a bus coming at a specific time of day. The sound of rush hour traffic filling the street. But in some parts of a city, this melody can be a clashing noise for rundown streets. A noise filled with lack of growth and hardship.

Digital noise surrounds us and can influence our mindset and the way we speak. This digital noise can create a comparison mindset. This noise can choke the melodic sound of your thriving leadership. Having a Comparison Mindset is like hitting the wrong note during a musical recital. It can throw off the entire course of your performance. As leaders we are called to not leave a digital noise but an imprint of Visual Sound. The way we communicate and the way we think becomes Visual Sound.

Visual Sound has influence.

Though competition, measuring efforts, and evaluating those efforts is good within professional reason, a readily comparison mindset can be a danger towards your growing leadership.

Why is the Comparison Mindset unhealthy?

  • Creates Bias– You end up giving a label towards many aspects- people, situations etc. But individuals have layers and every situation calls for different approaches.
  • Creates Discontentment-You will be dissatisfied with every step you make in your growth.
  • Underlooks Growth-Your perspective will be redirected and too focused on what you’re not and rather who you are.
  • Overlooks the Root of Issues– You’re more aimed at the resolve than the root. Weeds that aren’t fully pluck grow back stronger.
  • Creates Insecurity– You should be confident that you are a leader-in-progress, constantly growing.
  • Creates Rushed Building-Some building and development needs small steps and a process. The building of a bridge that is rushed can overlook small details, causing major issues in the long run.

What is your visual sound? Does it have the dead sound of comparison?

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Life is a Ride: Not to Ride and Die, but to Build and Live

Blessed with a Burden? Or Burdened with a Blessing?

Leadership can have its ups and downs. But with every and any situation it has something to teach and something to reveal, no matter how small or large the aspect is. It is up to us to be aware of it and apply it.  Though I am a young leader breaking the inner introvert within, cultivating leadership, not only in my own life but also empowering others is an adventure that is the greatest road trip to go on.


Vista Point- Goat Rock Beach, Jenner CA (Sonoma County)

A road trip is greatly similar towards cultivating leadership and being a leader. Road trips have this ability of bringing you out of the norm and exposing you to new elements. This is the same with leadership as every situation carries its own unique set of aspects. A road trip has preparation and purpose, and can have its uncertainty along the trip. There are questions of should I stop for that distressed person having car issues (Serve)? What do I have to help them (Build)? How can I help them (Lead)? And where are they headed or want to head to (Live)?

This is where mindset plays a vital role.

There are times where it seems that leadership seems directionless even with a clear purpose. But even within the midst of directionless chaos, every detour leads you to where you need to be to reach your destination. In the midst of traffic, every inch forward becomes an incremental movement and momentum from where you first started, when you check your rear view mirror every once in a while.

The road trip of leadership has its vista points. Points that are on the way to your destination, that were likely unplanned but sometimes anticipated with signs. These Points get you out of your way to see something worthy of your attention, but still puts you back on track for your destination, if you choose.

This blog is aimed to encourage you to see the “vista points” of leadership through topics of serving, building, leading, and living. My intention is to share a different perspective through pouring out what has been poured into me through experiences and mentors, for your journey of a leadership lifestyle no matter how young or seasoned you are. To help you cultivate and shape your leadership qualities. Cultivating an active Building Mindset to match your Cultivating Leadership.