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Good Leaders Go to the Unknown.

Do you travel? Do you travel for the pictures and posts? Or do you travel for the experience and culture? Are you a tourist or a traveler?


Airplane Island View- Maui, HI

On a trip to Maui, I remember watching the horizon of whales and the shore where the sea turtles rested. Knowing whales have a migration pattern throughout the year. I noticed how even at a large size moving slowly, whales took their time but made great progress across the waves. Not worrying or having a care in the world if they would make it to the Hawaiian islands on time, but traveling thousands of miles at their slow pace.

A slow pace can have great progress.

Taking notice of sea turtles having a daily pattern. At the end of the day, these calm and powerful-jawed creatures rested. The saying in Hawaii is “Don’t turn your back to the ocean.” These creatures brave enough to swim through waters of unknown dangers (sharks) and powerful waves of Hawaii, rested at the edge of the shore, sleepily stared down the ebb and flow.

Do you, Leader, rest after your brave endeavors of leadership?

Every moment brings a learning and teaching experience. Traveling is an exciting and relaxing way to not only grow as a leader, but to live. Sometimes a leader has to step away from the routines, schedules, and deadlines and go to an unknown place. A place that holds uncertainties, both good and bad.

Traveling, when done right and in a healthy manner, has purpose. With traveling, a leader can get out of their element and experience the unknown. It allows room for relaxing growth. It allows a leader to evolve on matters such as cultural awareness, different cultural behaviors, and creates an open perspective.  

As leaders it is healthy not only to serve, build, and lead but to also live. Take a step away from the screen. Be present. Absorb the atmosphere around you and the ambiance it speaks. Breathe fresh air, even if it is a different kind in a different place.

Because a burnt out leader has no influence.


Where do you leaders travel to? And why do you travel? Leave a comment below.


Lead: Out of Vision Not Just Passion

Passion Needs Vision

Were you ever passionate about something, but then the feeling went away? The passion for it died? Maybe a hobby’s excitement fizzled out? Or an idea you had and chased doesn’t look as glamorous and shiny anymore? Maybe the passion is still there but not as livened up as before. Not bouncing off the walls with vitality as it was previously.

Have you ever been to a different place with no sense of direction for this foreign land? Or been on a guided bus tour? On a past trip to Maui, a new adventure awaited with a guided bus tour for the road to Hana. This curvy road brought you into a thriving


Road to Hana- Maui, HI

Hawaiian town untouched by tourist resorts, but flourishing with Hawaii’s natural scenery. The local bus driver, familiar with the route, skillfully drove the bus on the cliff side of Hana roads.

You may have the “want” to get there (passion=gas), but if you don’t have the guidance (vision=local bus driver) to know how to get there, you will be lost and may never find your destination. As leaders it is good to have passion but vision is needed. The call of adventure stirred up a passion, but the visualization of being in Hana was the vision. The vision caused an action, while passion fueled it.

But passion needs guidance and direction.

Passion needs vision.

Passion is just a feeling, an emotion. It may move you on the inside, but alone sometimes it doesn’t translate into outer action. Or maybe it does for a while, but then it later dissolves or turns into a directionless mess. It is vision that calls us to act, to move forward. It is vision that causes us to have guided action about something.

Vision draws us to anticipate the future. It causes us to prepare for the future and gives us a blueprint on how to get there. With vision it is not just passionately picturing yourself but visualizing a future. A future with a foothold of foundation.

The thing about passion and vision is both is needed as a leader. Without passion, a vision cannot function in a thriving matter. Without vision, a passion will not have longevity and be short-fused. You need both to lead.

Vision is the directions, steering wheel, and GPS, while passion is the fuel.

Does your passion have vision? Do you lead out of both?

Truth is you can passionately picture yourself anywhere doing anything. But where do you visualize yourself with solid ground in anticipation for the future?


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