Build: The Winds & Waves of Emotional Consistency

Have Self-Awareness


Lover’s Point-Pacific Grove, CA

Have you ever watched waves or wind take its course? The crashing of the waves bopping up and down, ebbing in and out of the shore. Along with the wind pushing the waves here and there. Did you ever notice the part of the day where a high tide comes through or a low tide occurs?

There’s an art to understanding wind and wave patterns. Captains do this to ensure that their ship gets to the correct location in a safe manner.  Recognizing irregularities, constants, and understanding that the waves and winds will bring unpredictable patterns at times is a part of their list of obligations. They analyze the patterns of the coast throughout the season and acknowledge that this art is an aspect that is continually and skillfully built on throughout their lifetime. They take notice of good waves and winds, and the bad

Our emotions at times can be like the waves of a thunderstorm, crashing in every direction. Or a peaceful running river that is consistently steady and flowing. With emotions crashing around, it can make it difficult for individuals to navigate your waters, causing them to “tip-toe” around you. But with emotions that run consistently and steady, your presence as a leader can bring a calming and peaceful effect in an atmosphere that is always busy.

Do you analyze your emotion patterns?

Emotional consistency is having the emotional intelligence to understand your emotions, decipher between the good and bad emotions, and have a healthy emotional response towards something. It is also having the balance of finding the level ground of emotions without extremes of being an emotional wreck or emotionless. Sometimes you even have to ask yourself, will this emotion benefit anyone?

As a captain, how are you navigating through the winds and waves?


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