Build: Flexibility & Hill Country

Be Always Ready to Adjust and Adapt

Have you ever gone on a hike? Maybe you enjoy forest hikes and how the trees surround you, enclosing and interlocking above. Maybe you prefer the edgy, openness of coastal trails to gaze upon the far ocean horizon to try to see beyond it. Maybe your flat and vast open land is what you appreciate. Or maybe you like the hikes that give you a clear and distant view of the place you live in, giving you a feeling of escape from society.

In a past coastal hike, there was a large hill at the edge of the ocean that visitors were welcomed to trail on. There was two ways to hike to the top. The side where most visitors entered for a gradual and level trail and the trail where a steep incline scared off others. Seeing an elderly couple head towards the steep and edged trail, I followed. Straying back, I watched how this couple climbed the incline with careful ease, taking their time, not in a rush, stopping every once in awhile to admire their progress; as if they knew that the view at the top will still be there for them. While my lungs were trying to adjust to this new altitude, this couple was not afraid of this cliff edged trail, nor of the energy or effort it would take from them.


Muir Beach Trail Head- Marin County, CA

What hike are you on?

Sometimes the hike that you are on has an easy trail of leveled meadows. While other times these easy flatlands can turn into an inclined battle, bringing you into an unmarked trail. Or even have a choice between flat trails and inclined hikes. Though all of these trails have growth surrounding in them, their detours can bring you to a different perspective or even a better destination.  Do you have the flexibility to adjust for hill country, that brings unleveled and uneven ground?

Hill country is always a harder trail but worth every step of its steepness. The thing about hills is do we have the flexibility not only choose, but adjust to them even if you have to gradually and steadily climb up. Just as leadership there is only so much you can do to prepare for it. Your hill can be anything-a choice, a decision, a person, a situation.

As a leader, do you readily adapt to the unexpected when things are off their routine and schedule?


-Are you flexible in situations?– When things don’t go as planned don’t scrap everything. Evaluate things. Adjust and make use with what you have.

-Are you flexible with people?– Accommodate with individuals and their professional and behavioral needs within reason. Don’t try to figure someone out and label them off, just guide and let them grow.

Be flexible. Take the inclined trail.


Leave some comments below on how you practice on being flexible.


Serve: Why Do It?

Be a “People-Person” Even if You’re an Introvert

“I hate people”- Yeah that’s the most common thing to hear. But the truth is people are full of dreams and struggles. If you look into their eyes you can see a breathing soul ready or waiting for something. It is people who become generational influencers and end up impacting culture in great ways.

Some individuals do not like doing things for others unless they are getting paid or get something back in return. Some hiring managers don’t even consider volunteer work as “real work” and fail to see the character behind it. This poisonous mindset sets an entitlement perspective and can create unhealthy tyrants of dictatorship instead of relatable and approachable leaders.

Healthy leaders know and understand that serving is leading. That every experience is a teaching moment and cultivates an awareness. An awareness to either learn, adjust, or fix an aspect personally, socially, or professionally. Healthy leaders visualize serving others as a chance for selfless growth to take place.

There should be a healthy understanding that there is a fine line between serving others and people-pleasing.  This line starts with a giving mindset that connects with serving others. To serve can be done through- Time, Treasure, or Talent. When you are focused on the giving and not pleasing, the serving focus shifts from “have to” to “want to”. Serving others has different forms and can be done through actions or words of encouragement.


Community Garden Build- Influencing, Teamwork, & Teaching Moment

Why should you selflessly serve others?

  1. You Never Know How Much They Needed It– You don’t know their story. You don’t know what they have been battling within. They may not know you, but they will remember the selflessness.
  2. Influence is Contagious– Just as passion stirs passion, action stirs action and momentum creates momentum. You never know what 5 year old is carefully observing you.
  3. Character is Cultivated– Not only in you but in others. Sometimes you may ask yourself – “What do I have to work on? How do I respond to those who need a character adjustment”? But sometimes the time it takes to serve others and show selflessness has the power to overcome an angry and misunderstood heart and break walls down with kindness, bringing them a new perspective to live out of.
  4.  Skills are Cultivated– If a serving role calls for a teaching role, any teacher will tell you that teaching is an all-around learning role for both sides.
  5. You Never Know Who You Will Meet– Serving others attract several individuals of a variety of backgrounds willing to give their story.

So why serve others in whatever you do?

Not only to be a well-rounded leader but to genuinely ensure that others do not have to carry loads alone.

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